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Experimental Aetherometry

Experimental Aetherometry encompasses the empirical and analytical investigation of the physical and biophysical properties and interactions of massfree energy. Chief amongst these interactions of interest are the so-called "anomalies" of physical processes and biological systems. The following are the most salient contributions made by published experimental studies in Aetherometry:

1. The replication of the Reich-Einstein experiment demonstrating the evolution of anomalous heat in and atop naked Faraday cages.
2. The demonstration of anomalous arrest of the spontanous electroscopic discharge irrespective of polarity (kinetoregenerative phenomenon) by: atmospheric latent heat, photons of wavelength greater than 300 nm, and the midday Sun on anti-cyclonic days.
3. The exact determination of the antigravitational work responsible for the anomalous electroscopic arrest.
4. The demonstration of an anomalous reverse potential in specific methods of electrostatic charge transport.
5. Determination of anomalous quantities of latent heat and sensible heat inside original and improved 'Orgone accumulators', capable of sustaing a positive temperature difference greater than 10 deg. C throughout the day and night.
6. Identification of the infrared modal absorption of blackbody radiation (sensible heat) by 'Orgone accumulators' (6.6 to 7 THz).
7. Aetherochemical analysis of the allotropic cycle of water, oxygen and ozone, with balanced enthalpy and precise ambipolar inputs.
8. Identification of the fundamental gravitons and their Periodic Table.
9. Identification of the fundamental latent energy units responsible for the cosmological creation of leptons.
10. Determination of the correct electrokinetic component of electrostatic interactions.
11. Identification of the exact 'tuned vacuum responses' responsible for auto-electronic emission observed in the absence of any applied voltage, and for the excess energy observed in pulsed plasma regimes (autogenous pulsed abnormal glow discharge and vacuum-arc discharge) under conditions of applied power.
12. Confirmation of the accuracy of Aspden's Law of Electrodynamics for open-circuit systems capable of eliciting anomalous cathode reaction forces.
13. Demonstrable conversion of the gravitational swings of electrostatic pendula into electrokinetic energy.
14. Prediction and experimental isolation of an anomalous monopolar lift effect.
15. Demonstration of ambipolar radiation ('Tesla waves' or Tesla radiation) emitted by Tesla coils and induction coils.
16. The first formal and experimental characterization of Tesla radiation as consisting of massfree charges and their conjunction with nonelectromagnetic, longitudinal waves.
17. Quantitative determination of the speed of ambipolar charges or Tesla waves.
18. Induced generation of excess ambipolar electric energy by resonance-loaded Tesla coils.
19. Correct determination of the characteristic frequency, inductance, capacitance and other physical parameters of induction coils and ambipolar radiation.
20. Discovery and identification of the ambipolar massfree energy spectrum, the constituent subspectra of Orgone and DOR ('Deadly Orgone'), and their underlying and novel physical functions.
21. Discovery of the exact ambipolar radiation frequencies responsible for driving the allotropic cycle of water, oxygen and ozone, and for the stratified structure of the terrestrial atmosphere.
22. Experimental conversion of ambipolar radiation into molecular latent heat by metal filters.
23. Experimental differentiation of the magnetic fields of massbound and massfree charges, and enunciation of a new theory of magnetism.
24. Direct determination of H not just for massfree charges and electric waves but also for massbound charges in motion, as a function of the kinetic energy electrically associated with them.
25. Development of an integral ambipolar radiation/emission detector (and analytical module).
26. Identification of the cosmic background of ambipolar (orgone) radiation (CBOR, mode 0.3067 eV) responsible for the microwave cosmic background photon emission (so-called mCBR).
27. Identification of W. Reich's Function (or factor) Y pertaining to the Orgone Motor.
28. The first replication of W. Reich's Orgone Motor system fuelled by the capture of massfree energy (latent heat, ambipolar radiation and local photons), and capable of converting it into mechanical work and ordinary electricity.
29. Discovery of the utilization of hot-air engine couplings as latent heat pumps and converters of latent heat into sensible heat.
30. Determination of the ambipolar voltage of the human body.
31. Differentiating detection of the latent heat and ambipolar fields of biological systems.
32. Molecular and nanometric identification of biological processes of latent heat draw and ambipolar energy capture.
33. Identification of the ambipolar resonant properties of globins relating to their capacity to absorb massfree electric energy and release sensible heat.
34. Experimental determination and exploitation of the 'vacuum' contribution of longitudinal electric radiation to the normal and abnormal glow discharges in Paschen's Law.
35. Isolation of the complete chemical (heterolytic and homolytic), electronic and energy (photothermal and ambipolar) cycles for the dissociation and formation of water and hydrogen.
36. Demonstration of directed weight-cancellation of target mass using tuned ambipolar radiation.
37. Tuning of aqueous solutions for reception, transmission and emission of ambipolar radiation.

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