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About the Encyclopedia Nomadica

Encyclopedia Nomadica is intended as a source of knowledge about "dissenting", or "minor", modes of thought in science, philosophy and art. By "dissenting" and "minor" we mean those endeavors that fundamentally dissent from officially accepted paradigms and modes of thinking and doing, promoted and furthered by mainstream institutions. Experience has shown repeatedly that it is impossible for such endeavors to receive factual, cogent treatment in the online encyclopedias that are editable by the general public. The reason for this is quite simple: the views of the general public are shaped by the generally accepted, media-promoted modes of thinking, and it regards those modes of thinking, including the contempt and hostility they engender with respect to dissenting endeavors, as "impartial" and "factual". Consequently, exposing any article on dissenting modes of thinking to the editorial endeavors of the public perpetually condemns it to distortion, bias, and misinformation.

Articles in the Encyclopedia Nomadica are not subject to editing by the general public. Editorial access is restricted to those who are knowledgeable in the given subject matter, and is granted by permission or invitation only. If you would like to create a new article, please write to admin AT encyclopedianomadica.org.