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Aetherometric Technologies

These are essentially the pioneering technologies developed at the Labofex Experimental and Applied Plasma Physics Co. and at the Aurora Biophysics Research Institute as an outgrowth of Experimental Aetherometry and Aetherometric Theory. They can be grouped into four categories: alternative energy and motive technologies, lift systems, biophysical and biochemical technologies, and analytical instrumentation.

The main alternative energy and motive systems currently under development or fully developed include:

1. The first patented pulsed plasma systems (autogenous pulsed abnormal glow discharge and vacuum-arc discharge) capable of generating electric energy in excess of breakeven, with peak power outputs in the 30 to 40kW range.
2. An electrodynamically pulsed and controlled table-top nuclear fusion reactor designed to operate with the aetherometric deuterium-tetrad fusion pathway, to produce specific blackbody spectra by proton end-products, and to operate without neutron, triton or gamma ray emissions.
3. The first massfree Aether motor/converter (patent pending) - a novel and improved Orgone Motor capable of outputs in the 1-100 watt range. 4. A fuel-less latent- and sensible-heat drive (HYBORAC) for hot-air engines and thermoelectric converters, capable of sustaining round-the-clock positive differences well in excess of 10 deg. C, which is expected to yield more than 400 watts in current prototypes.

Aetherometric lift technologies have resulted from the development of two different electrogravitic processes: weight-neutralization promoted by the molecular absorption of tuned ambipolar radiation; and antigravity promoted by the monopolar lift effect.

Biophysical and biochemical technologies which have issued from Aetherometry encompass analytical (chemical and biological) technologies, detection (physical and chemical) technologies, and products with potential clinical applications. A short list is provided below:
1. Ambipolar sensors and quantitative detectors for ambient radiation and biofields (proximity and contact).
2. A novel, acid-base and redox integral, linear-log p[e] meter for more exact quantitation of chemical and biochemical reactions.
3. A biological red blood cell radiation response kit.
4. A leukemia early-detection kit.

Instrumentation technologies center around the development of the Aetheroscope. This is a sophisticated data acquisition and analysis system which will permit in situ quantitative determinations for all energy interactions, whether involving massbound or massfree particles. It will provide essential routine analysis of complex physical parameters in virtually all domains of Physical Science, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering by the much simpler but far more accurate determination methods provided by aetherometric techniques of computation (new equations and algorithms: see Aetherometric Theory).

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